Our Community Voice
“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about."
Margaret Wheatley

For 100 years, United Way of Waco-McLennan County (UWWMC) has been taking care of children and families. Before GoFundMe, Caring Bridge or even television, one by one we built a team. We built it through the spirit of our community and as a way to care for our friends and neighbors and build a community we could all be proud of. Over the past century we have evolved. The world is vastly different than what it was in 1923. When volunteers first brought our organization to town, we were known as the Community Chest. We have adopted new practices, pioneered workplace giving and inspired generations of volunteers. One thing that hasn’t changed is our core mission.

“United Way of Waco-McLennan County strengthens the community by mobilizing resources to measurably improve lives.”

We are still an organization that uses local giving to have local impact. We are still focused on our vision from our grass roots beginning. We envision a community where all people have the education, health, and financial stability needed to achieve their full potential. In pursuit of this vision we have raised over 100 million dollars to feed into community work that improves lives. Even as the world has gotten more chaotic, we have proven the quote above. Our community came together when we saw the need for a Covid-19 relief fund in 2020 and UWWMC was able to spearhead that work. Each day we are striving to lift our community voice to create a place where everyone belongs and has the opportunity to live their best life. Waco is home and Waco is where we will always be. 

We always want to consider the voice of our community. UWWMC has brought our community together to discuss what change is needed and how we can take action in creating that change. These conversations allow us to understand the lived experience of McLennan County residents and ensure that we are making McLennan County a place where everyone belongs.

“As a United Way CIC member, I’ve had the opportunity to champion the way forward at increasing the equity in grant-making. Collectively, we strive to move the dial in a direction whereby funded programs are representative of the communities they serve.”

Paula Solano, 2021 Community Investment Council Member

1227 N. Valley Mills Drive,
Suite 212,
Waco, TX 76710