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Chief Executive Officer

The CEO for United Way of Waco McLennan County (UWWMC) is the chief executive in charge of all internal operations and external relationships.  The CEO is the Board of Director’s single employee and is responsible and accountable for ensuring the organization is effectively managed, well-positioned, and adequately resourced to achieve its mission, vision, and strategic goals and objectives.  She/he oversees all day-to-day operations and staff.

UWWMC today requires its CEO to possess the following skills:

  • Strong staff leadership and management
  • Consistency in operationalizing vision and strategy
  • Precision in setting expectations and accountability across all core functions and for all staff
  • Experience leading and managing a data and outcome informed community and collective impact organization
  • Ability to form a strong and collaborative partnership with a Board of Directors
  • Active commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Utilization of the skills and experience of key content expert staff to round out their own skillset
  • Ability to lead with focus, specificity, and clarity
  • Strategic and decisive leader

The most important qualities and abilities the CEO should possess are the ability to:

  • Significantly increase fundraising results
  • Identify and maintain key external relationships at the executive level
  • Relate to and inspire trust and engagement among a broad and diverse group of stakeholders and donors
  • Convey a strong leadership presence
  • Maintain external focus to be responsive to changing trends and shifting dynamics
  • Maintain a strong, grassroots community focus in the work of this United Way
  • Synthesizes information and generate plans and actions to respond


UWWMC’s CEO will possess the following core competencies:

Visionary Leadership is described as having a clear vision for the organization, confronts the complex realities of the environment, and simultaneously maintains faith in a better future, providing purpose, direction, and motivation.

  • Works alongside the Board and staff to continuously envision, build, and communicate strategies and tactics to achieve the Strategic Goals
  • Studies and analyzes both the internal and external environment UWWMC operates in; and use that information to continue the advancement and/or recalibration of the mission, vision, and organizational goals with staff and Board
  • Remains steadfast and focused on vision despite challenges and setbacks; while developing strategies to address any challenges and setbacks
  • Ensures the organization primary stakeholders—staff and Board — are clearly informed and aligned with vision and goals and actively engaged in achieving them
  • Partners with Board leadership to ensure our Board is fulfilling and advancing their role of stewarding vision and mission and building a strategic leadership Board
  • Activates and builds on authentic and innovative concepts for community engagement
  • Ensures our values of diversity, equity, and inclusion are being acted on

Organization Leadership & Management is described as the CEO demonstrates strategic leadership balanced with authenticity, respect for others, and trust-building within the organization, with the Board, and stakeholders.  Proactively drives an organization to a higher level of performance, efficiency, and growth through inspiring action and commitment for best results.

  • Leads UWWMC staff with a growth mindset that aligns to the Strategic Plan
  • Employs an authentic and respectful leadership style that welcomes, values, and uses diversity of thought and experience
  • Sets and measures clear goals and performance objectives tied to the strategic plan and overall organization performance for each core function of the organization
  • Empowers key content expert staff to advance their core function and responsibilities
  • Ensures there is a leadership pathway within the organization that will optimize talent and assist with retention
  • Develops and maintains a meaningful relationship with Board leadership to enhance the current board culture through effective communication, transparency, and meaningful Board agendas and opportunities for engagement
  • Works side by side with the Board Chair and Governance Chair to attract and retain high impact members
  • Ensures all committees of the Board are appropriately staffed and supported

Grows Business & Revenue—is described as the CEO possessing a high-level of business acumen and broad management skill, and is effective at generating and growing financial support for the organization.  Is able to raise funds by effectively engaging and linking a variety of donors (individuals, corporations, major giving, other segments) and volunteers to inform and contribute to advancing the mission.

  • Is high functioning as the primary voice and face of United Way of Waco-McLennan County
  • Communicates a strong leadership presence, mission, and vision that will inspire and increase donor engagement and support
  • Ensures United Way’s core product (grants, impact, and engagement) are designed and executed to inspire community support across a wide range of donors and volunteers
  • Ensures United Way operates with high-impact and segment-specific strategic fundraising plan
  • Leads an internal culture with all staff and Board, positioning and supporting fundraising and communications as a foundation to the success of the organization
  • Ensures optimum fiscal oversight and governance
  • Ensures a strong communication plan and effort that promotes the UWWMC brand and highlights its value-proposition and ROI

Partnership Mindset & Network Oriented—is described as she/he values and leverages the power of networks.  Is leveraging United Ways…breadth of community presence, relationships, and strategies.

  • Ensures UWWMC is maintaining all membership requirements of United Way Worldwide and in particular, working with the staff and Board to assure we are aligning our equity work to UWW requirements
  • Leverage the tools and resources available to us as a United Way
  • Communicates and acts on the value of being part of a global network
  • Leads the organization to model the best practices of being a United Way
  • Accesses the experience of other high-impact United Ways


To be a part of the most compelling mission in nonprofit work, submit a CV/resume and cover letter to Karen Brown at karenbrown@unitedwaywaco.orgPlease do not contact the United Way staff or Board directly.

low-income children access to
Early Childhood Education
classes and quality afterschool and summer programs
low/uninsured families with access to
Medical Screenings and Health Exams
as well as prescription assistance and other therapy needs
children, adults, and families with
Meals and Bags of Groceries
over 46,000 eligible children, adults and families
low-income pregnant girls and women
Pregnancy Related Care Needs
including prenatal care, resource assistance, and parenting classes
families and individuals with
Family and Domestic Violence Care
including access to shelters, resource counseling, and case management