Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At United Way, we champion community voice and understand that in order to help our community reach its full potential we must make space for all voices and center those whom have not been traditionally present. We know that in order to build a stronger and more united community we need differing perspectives, ideas, and experiences to inform community decision making and to propel us all forward.

We are working to place equity at the core of our work. We are on a bold path forward, setting the standard and holding ourselves accountable. We are championing the rise of diverse leadership. We are modeling and promoting more equitable practices within our organization and in partnership with fellow community stakeholders. We are setting out to better support the communities we serve. We’re on a journey, and we believe that these guiding principles are critical to our collective, community success.

Anti-Racism Statement

To build a stronger, more United community, we need differing perspectives, ideas, and experiences informing decision-making to propel us all forward. We understand disparities exist as a result of longstanding discriminatory policies and practices which have inhibited the ability of some area residents to thrive. We acknowledge systemic racism is a threat to our overall population’s health and well-being. At the United Way of Waco-McLennan County, our vision compels us to denounce racism and discrimination in all forms. It is necessary to center race, ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic status in our work to end the inequities that persist in McLennan County.

We are committed to developing an equitable community, where all individuals and families have the opportunities to achieve their full potential. We acknowledge our humanity as our strength and know when we come together to support one another, we are at our best. We seek to celebrate the unique individuals and diverse population that is McLennan County.

These guiding principles are critical to our collective success. To deliver on our bold path forward, we will continue to hold ourselves accountable to improve equitable practices in partnership with our fellow community stakeholders.

“As a United Way CIC member, I’ve had the opportunity to champion the way forward at increasing the equity in grant-making. Collectively, we strive to move the dial in a direction whereby funded programs are representative of the communities they serve.”

Paula Solano, 2021 Community Investment Council Member

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Suite 239,
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