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About the United Way of Waco-McLennan County

pic-requirementsThe United Way of Waco-McLennan County is a locally incorporated, nonprofit organization dedicated to generate funding for and auditing the performance of its local member agencies and programs. These agencies and programs provide care and support to more than 41,000 people in our community. The money raised through employee campaigns, corporate and individual gifts go to human service organizations that meet a variety of critical needs in the local community, including health care, advocacy programs, childcare, food and shelter, life skills development and much more.

A key advantage of being a United Way agency is the luxury of spending more time serving our community and less time fundraising. The ultimate purpose of United Way is to connect our citizens through a coordinated and monitored giving program to care for our neighbors.

What does United Way do?
United Way is a locally incorporated, nonprofit organization that collects and allocates voluntary contributions to our local member agencies, which provide health and human services.

How many programs does United Way fund?
We strive for excellence in helping those in need and are continually updating our programs based on the needs in Waco and McLennan County.  Currently we are funding over 25 different programs.

How does United Way decide which agencies to fund?
Any local 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization that produces measurable outcomes, effective results and is working to meet the needs of our community can apply to become a United Way funded agency. The agency must meet United Way’s stringent standards to be eligible.

Why not give directly to the agency?
United Way funds a network of care to insure that all services needed in our community are available. By making a donation, you are ensuring agencies and programs receive funding throughout the year.

I never use agency services, so why should I give?
You never know when you or a family member may need a service. Job loss, illness, disability, fire, natural disasters, mental disorders and other unexpected events know no boundaries. Through your giving, you can assure these services are there when and if you or your loved ones need them.

How are donations distributed?
The United Way Allocations Committee provides the vital service of monitoring the distribution of funds to United Way’s partner agencies. The committee, comprised of volunteers from the community, meets with representatives from each agency, reviews the amount requested and carefully scrutinizes financial records and programs. This process takes place over several meetings and cumulates with recommendations to the UW Board regarding the amount of support allotted to each agency for the coming year. As the year progresses, the agencies file reports regarding expenditures and progress made in meeting goals and objectives.